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June 10th-2005 Well Elvis fans, its been a while since our page has been updated so Iam adding the Elvis news from my personal website which does have a link to the clubs website. If you care to visit my page it is located at aolhomepages ************************************************* Our Goal--To Keep The King At The Top Of The Musical Throne Just look below at the charts-They Dont Lie! ************************************************* A Very Special Moment Shared Between A Son & His Dad Elvis commissioned family friend Janelle McComb to write something special for him to give his father Vernon for Christmas 1976. It was presented nicely framed. This is the text: To Dad I not only live for today but for the day after today. I have pursued my vision and reached the mountain top. But the peak of a mountain can be a lonely place. I want to thank you for understanding. I learned early in life that only by filling my existence with an aim, could I find an inner peace. I want to thank you for giving me intangible gifts. You gave me gifts from your heart – understanding, tolerance and concern. You gave me gifts of your mind – purpose, ideas and projects. You gave me gifts of your words – encouragement, empathy and solace. Respect is avid; it wants to contain everything and to retain everything. To you my father – my friend – my confidante, I have an avid respect. Thanks for always being near the top of the mountain when I needed you. Your son, Elvis ©1976,Janelle McComb ***************************************************** Newly Released Military Documents Detail Tours of Famous Soldiers--- Pfc. Elvis Presley was a public relations headache for the Army, according to U.S. military documents released on Thursday. "Elvis Presley will not be released in a manner different from any other inductee serving overseas," the Army's adjutant general wrote to citizens who complained following reports that the rock 'n' roll icon would get an early "good behavior" discharge.When he entered the Army at Memphis, Tennessee, on March 24, 1958, there was a public outcry from his fans, and protests flowed to Washington, including a hand-written plea released by the National Archives and Records Administration."Dear Mamie," one correspondent wrote to then-first lady Mamie Eisenhower. "Will you please, please be so sweet and kind as to ask Ike (President Dwight Eisenhower) to please bring Elvis Presley back to us from the Army. We need him in our entertainment world to make us all laugh."A 1959 Army memo set out the Presley problem: "When Private First Class Presley was first inducted, there was considerable adverse public reaction ... alleging that he would receive preferential treatment in the Army. This impression has been largely replaced by a public impression of a good soldier serving his military obligation. ... Many teenagers who look up to and emulate Private First Class Presley will ... follow his example in the performance of their military service." *********************************************************** Chicken Soup for the Soul magazine announced it will print its launch issue with two different covers, both featuring photographs of Elvis, said J. Mignonne Wright, publisher. Rare and never-before-seen photos of Elvis are included in the issue along with an interview with the photographer, Al Wertheimer. Wertheimer is considered to be one of the most famous Elvis photographers ever. “Al was the only one that had such lengthy and totally unbridled access to photograph Elvis,” Wright said. Wertheimer switched careers in the late 1950s photographing New York’s top models and accepted a job with RCA records as a “fly-on-the-wall” publicity photographer. He forged his relationship with Elvis in 1956 when RCA assigned him to photograph the newly signed singing phenomenon. Wertheimer’s interview provides a captivating glimpse into the life of arguably the most famous singer in history. Wright explained why Elvis was chosen for the cover of Chicken Soup for the Soul magazine. “Al’s photos were taken just after Elvis’s first television appearance, when no one had any idea how big his fame would be,” Wright said. “These photos show a very innocent side of Elvis as a kid and that’s what’s reflected in the article.” “The pictures portray an Elvis Presley who loved to be silly, goof off with friends and family and even enjoy the simplicity of a bowl of chicken soup,” Wright noted. Already a collector’s edition, the magazine’s launch issue with both cover photographs will be on sale July 26 at Barnes & Noble bookstores and at Graceland during Elvis Week, August 8-16, but only in limited quantities. To guarantee their copies, fans of both Elvis and Chicken Soup for the Soul are encouraged to subscribe to the magazine now by visiting ******************************************************* Ever wonder what makes us Geminis tick?? Two is Better Than One: Gemini Celebrities The sign of Gemini is often one of the least understood in the entire zodiac. As the sign of the Twins, Castor and Pollux, it has sometimes been confused with excess of the "if one is good, two is better", variety. Geminis are sometimes labeled as scattered chatterboxes, or as airy dreamers who haven't got the slightest clue how to ground themselves. At their worst, they talk too much, and ruin every conversation. At their best, they create masterpieces, by directing that energy towards something meaningful or moving. Persons born under the sign of Gemini have a deep-seated need to communicate. They are ruled by Mercury, planet of communication - talking, e-mailing, public speaking, writing, and most of all, self-expression. When they manifest this energy at a low level, they can talk all the time without listening, or be the perpetual teacher when they'd do better assuming the role of student once in a while. But when they manifest this Mercury energy at a high level, Gemini natives can compose our most beautiful sonnets, or pen our greatest novels. Their ruling element of air only doubles this effect. Planets in air signs are often associated with creativity, since under their influence, people seem to be out of it, walking on air, or with their head in the clouds somewhere. This grants them a unique perspective on all we don't see in our waking lives. Geminis are many things to many people. They are like faceted jewels, with various dimensions and aspects. It may take us a long time to get to know a person born under the sign of Gemini really well, but it's more than likely worth the effort. They're Flexible Singer Nikka Costa, born June 4, 1972, is the daughter of a famed arranger, composer, and producer who worked with industry greats like Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, Tony Bennett, and Sarah Vaughn. Costa grew up in a house full of music and musicians, and got her start at the age of five, performing with Don Ho in Hawaii for a Christmas album produced by her father. At eight, she opened up for the Police in Chile before screaming 300,000 fans, using her unique vocal style, a hybrid of phrasing from jazz standards and modern R&B. Her father died when she was 10, and even though she kept performing, her life has had a series of ups and downs. Throughout this time, she seemed always to be flexible enough to deal with what life brought. Her move to Australia put her in touch with a new crop of writing and producing talent, but it's last year's Everybody Got Their Something that made her a star, especially when one if its songs was used in a Tommy Hilfiger commercial. As she moves forward with her exciting career, Costa seems poised and ready for anything, thanks to her Gemini flexibility. They're Versatile Leah Rimini, born June 15, 1970, started her career in the all-but forgotten television series Living Dolls, a spin-off of Who's the Boss? Since then, she's honed her acting chops in comedies like Saved By the Bell and Biker Mice from Mars (yes, really, as a voice-over artist). But she came to national attention in 1998, when she appeared in The King of Queens with actor Kevin James. Though her working class heroine Carrie Heffernan can be sometimes put upon and long-suffering, what with living under the same roof as her husband's father, Rimini brings her a sense of tenacity that makes her really fun to watch. And expanding her range even further, Rimini appeared in last year's Old School, with Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson. Hopefully, we have many more years of laughs from this master of versatility. They're Curious Johnny Depp, born June 9, 1963, is a true Gemini, though sometimes, you wouldn't guess it. He is seemingly shy and soft-spoken in interviews, but alternately moving and hilarious when you place him in front of a camera. Last year's performance in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. And in this years' Secret Window, recently opened in theaters, he even plays a writer struggling with his characters, one of which has seemingly come to life. But the common thread, though out all of his roles, is his sense of curiosity about his characters. From Edward Scissorhands to Lucky Jack Sparrow, Depp brings a sense of compassion and a deeper need to know who these characters are inside, despite their seeming strangeness. They're Sociable L.A. Reid, June 7, 1956, aka Antonio Reid, got his start in the music business over twenty years ago, when he was the drummer and manager of 1980s R&B band the Deele, with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds. And that friendship has certainly paid off for him in the years since then. When the band broke up, Reid went on to produce top-selling artists like Paula Abdul, Boys II Men, and Bobby Brown, among others, and started his own successful record label, called LaFace Records. Subsequently, he was hired on as CEO of Arista Records, where he helped guide Pink, Usher, Dido and OutKast to Grammy wins. Through all of his success, though, Reid has n ever lost sight of his earliest friendships, and given them the props they deserve in helping to sustain his musical career. They're Dualistic Clint Eastwood, born May 31, 1930, has worn many hats in his long and storied career, both literally and figuratively. He began as a cowboy actor, the television series Rawhide, and parlayed that burgeoning fame into roles in A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More, with Sergio Leone. His film career took on a new dimension when he started Malpaso Productions, and started to write, direct, and produce motion pictures in 1971, with Play Misty for Me. An amazing twenty-four films later (as director), he directed Mystic River, which was nominated for numerous Academy Awards this year, winning for Best Actor Sean Penn and Best Supporting Actor Tim Robbins. Clint's latest hat is as an accomplished jazz musician and aficionado. He has composed the music for nine of his films, including Mystic River and The Bridges of Madison County. And that may just personify dualistic! I guess that clears up everything on SuniTwin10! ************************************************************* FLASHBACK-- JUNE 5TH 1970 ELVIS RECORDS BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS AT RCA IN NASHVILLE TN JUNE 1ST 1971 ELVIS'S BIRTHPLACE IN TUPELO WAS OPENED TO THE PUBLIC JUNE 9TH-11TH 1972 ELVIS PERFORMANCES IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN ARE SOLD-OUT! JUNE 14TH-15TH 1972 ELVIS PERF0RMS AT THE MILWAUKEE ARENA COMPLETELY SOLD-OUT! JUNE 16TH-17TH 1972 ELVIS PERFORMS 1 SHOW ON THE 16TH TO A SELL-OUT CROWD! ELVIS PERFORMS 2 SHOWS AT THE CHICAGO STADIUM TO WHAT?? ANOTHER SELL-OUT! HOW COULD IT BE ANYTHING ELSE BUT??? JUNE 23-24 1973 ELVIS DOES 3 SELL-OUT SHOWS AT THE NASSAU COLISEUM JUNE 27TH 1973 ELVIS SELLS OUT AGAIN AT THE CINCINNATI GARDENS IN OHIO JUNE 19TH 1974 ELVIS SELLS OUT THE TEXAS CIVIC CENTER IN AMARILLO JUNE 26TH 1976 ELVIS SELLS OUT 2 SHOWS AT THE CIVIC CENTER IN PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND JUNE 27TH 1976 ELVIS DOES 2 EXHAUSTING SHOWS AT THE CAPITAL CENTRE IN LARGO, MARYLAND JUNE 19TH 1977 THE INFAMOUS "ELVIS IN CONCERT" IS FILMED BY CBS. THE MOST OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY ELVIS COMES AS HE PERFORMS SONG UNCHAINED MELODY WHILE PLAYING THE PIANO. JUNE 24TH 1977 ELVIS PERFORMS HERE, IN MADISON WISCONSIN FOR THE LAST TIME. PICTURES OF HIM HERE IN OUR WEBSITE SHOW HIM ON STAGE FOR THE LAST TIME HERE. STILL LOOKS GOOD TO ME! JUNE 26TH 1977 ELVIS GIVES HIS LAST PERFORMANCE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN BY THIS DATE HE HAD COMPLETED HIS 56 CONCERT OBLIGATIONS. JUNE 28TH ELVIS FALLS ILL WITH FLU-LIKE PROBLEMS HIS FANS STAY NEARBY THE GATES WITH GET-WELL-WISHES ******************************************************* ELVIS NEWS BITS - N - PIECES 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll No. 40 through No. 21, including Ice T's ``Cop Killer,'' George Michael's bathroom bust and the deaths of Elvis Presley, Selena and Tupac Shakur. Host: Mark McGrath. 60 minutes- In Stereo ************************************************************** ELVIS TOPS THE CHARTS OVER THE BEATLES AGAIN HANDS DOWN!!! HOT 100 Billboard chart stats in the US Elvis (1956-1962) - The Beatles (1964 - 1970) NUMBER ONE SINGLES ELVIS = 17 Beatles = 20 TOP 10 SINGLES ELVIS = 30 Beatles = 32 TOP 20 SINGLES ELVIS = 42 Beatles = 39 GOLD, PLATINUM & MULTI-PLATINUM SINGLES ELVIS = 95 + 93 after 1962 Beatles = 34 + 17 after 1970 BEST SELLING SINGLES ELVIS = Hound Dog (10 million approx) Beatles = Hey Jude (4 million) A note regarding gold and platinum awards - the RIAA wasn't formed until 1958 so Elvis certifications are for sales from 1958 to present - 1956-1957 (Elvis peak sales years) are not counted. This leaves out sales for 30 singles released between 1956-1957. Where as all of the Beatles recordings were and are eligible for certification if sales documentation exists for the RIAA to audit. Most of Elvis sales records were not properly certified until the 90's due to record company delays and missing sales documentation. According to Joel Whitburns' Top Pop Singles reference books Elvis has amassed a total of 13,237 points with regard to his singles from 1955-1980, while the Beatles have amassed 6696 from 1962-1980. It is interesting to note that between 1960-1969 Elvis point total was 6232 to the Beatles 5964 for the same period. Points are awarded by the author using the following formula: each artist's charted records are awarded points based on their highest position #1 = 100 points #2 = 99 point #3 = 98 points etc. Bonus points are awarded in the following manner based on the records highest charted # #1-5 = 25pts #6-10 = 20pts #11-20 = 15pts, #21-30 = 10pts and #31-40 = 5pts TOTAL CHARTED SINGLES ELVIS = 149 Beatles = 69 TOTAL WEEKS AT #1 ELVIS = 80 Beatles = 59 So what does all this mean - you can quote any statistic to illustrate a point fo view but overall comparing the 7 year peak period of both artists the Beatles have a slim lead of 4 number 1's and 2 top tens more than Elvis, but Elvis had 42 top twenty hits, 3 more than the Beatles. To get an accurate picture you must convert the chart activity to a % - Elvis released 31 singles between 1956-1963 making available 62 songs for possible chart action - he charted 67.7% of his released singles between 1956-1962 The Beatles released 41 singles between 1964-1970 making available 82 songs for possible chart action - they charted 47.5% of their released singles between 1964-1970. This does indicate that Elvis does top the Beatles in terms of chart activity when comparing their peak years. Overall chart single history - Elvis wins hands down with the following chart success since 1962 (and yes the Beatles continued to chart after 1970) Elvis 1963-1986 = 26 top twenty singles Beatles 1971-1986 = 2 top twenty singles Elvis 1963-1986 = 8 Top Ten Beatles 1971-1986 = 1 Top Ten Elvis 1963-1986 = 1 number one Beatles 1971-1986 = 0 number one Elvis released 80 singles between 1963-1986 Beatles relesed 24 singles between 1971 - 1986 So between 1963-1986 Elvis charted 32.5% of his single releases and the Beatles charted 8% of theirs. GO CAT GO!!!!!! ************************************************************ THE ELVIS HITS---From Billboard Song Title Peak Year Heartbreak Hotel/ 5 1956 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 10 1956 Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog 1 1956 Love Me Tender/ 4 1956 Too Much 7 1957 All Shook Up 1 1957 Teddy Bear 1 1957 Jailhouse Rock 1 1957 Don't-I Beg of You4 1957 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 7 1958 Hard Headed Woman/Don't Ask Me Why 2 1958 One Night/ 10 1958 (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I/ 16 1959 A Big Hunk O' Love 10 1959 My Wish Came True 15 1959 Stuck On You/ 6 1960 It's Now or Never 7 1960 Are You Lonesome Tonight?/ 3 1960 I Feel So Bad 15 1961 She's Not you 13 1962 Return to Sender 5 1962 One Broken Heart4Sale 21 1963 (You're the) Devil in Disguise 9 1963 Boss Nova Baby 20 1963 ******************************************* Good Rockin' "Elvis Day" Festival for Elvis Week 2005 Elvis International...The Magazine In Association with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. Presents Good Rockin' "Elvis Day" Festival for Elvis Week 2005 Elvis International...The Magazine In Association with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. Presents A GOOD ROCKIN’ “ELVIS DAY” FESTIVAL All-day festival staged August 14, 2005 as part of ELVIS WEEK in Memphis. Elvis International...The Magazine will present A Good Rockin’ “Elvis Day” Festival at the Memphis Marriott East in Memphis, Tennessee, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, on August 14, 2005. The event is licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) as an officially sanctioned Elvis Week 2005 event. EPE’s annual Elvis Week presentation of Conversations on Elvis with Elvis friends and colleagues will kick off the day, followed immediately by Elvis International’s presentation of a full roster of live performances by top Elvis Tribute Artists. Presented throughout the day by Elvis International and EPE will be The Elvis Merchandise & Memorabilia Showroom, featuring new and vintage Elvis merchandise and celebrity autograph sessions. Also during the festival will be a Charity Auction of rare memorabilia. Conversations on Elvis This annual EPE event will be included and presented in the Cotillion Ballroom, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Friends and colleagues of Elvis share personal recollections and take questions from the audience. (Panelists to be announced.) Live entertainment commences in the same room immediately after. Elvis Tribute Artists Brought to you by Elvis International. The Magazine, this will be an exciting day of live entertainment from some of the finest Elvis tribute artists in the world, all performing in the Cotillion Ballroom. (Performers to be announced.) Performer after performer will take the stage between 11:00 AM and 5:30 PM. Between performances there will be a Charity Auction with all proceeds benefiting Humes Jr. High School (formerly Humes High, Elvis’s alma mater.) The Elvis Merchandise & Memorabilia Showroom In the Pyramid Ballroom. Autograph sessions with celebrities and authors from the Elvis world as well as an exhibit of rarely seen Elvis artifacts from the Graceland archives, and sales and display booths featuring EPE product licensees and noted dealers of vintage Elvis records and collectible memorabilia. TICKETS: General Admission: $28.00 Reserved Seating: $45.00 Special rates available for fan clubs and groups. Buy 10, get 1 free. These tickets include admission to all events of the festival. The all-inclusive tickets noted above are the best value, but you may instead choose to purchase a ticket for just Conversations on Elvis for $18.00 or a ticket for just The Elvis Merchandise and Memorabilia Showroom for $10.00. An additional $2.00 service fee is charged per ticket. A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit Humes Jr. High School. For further information and advance tickets contact Elvis International.The Magazine by regular mail, phone, fax, e-mail or online: Elvis International P.O. Box 7749 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359 Phone: (818) 991-3892 Fax: (818) 991-3894 E-mail: Web: After August 10th, advance tickets will be available through Graceland’s Elvis Week event ticketing system. Tickets also will be available at the door on the day of the festival. ************************************ Rock n' roller Chuck Berry, known for his hits "Johnny B. Goode" and "Roll Over Beethoven," will headline the 2005 Elvis Presley Festival on June 3-5 in Tupelo. Berry will perform Friday, June 3, and the headliner on Saturday, June 4, will be country singer Tracy Byrd. The festival will feature Mississippi native Steve Azar and Lee County native Paul Thorn. Gary Bailey, festival chairman, said fans should expect changes this year, including a carnival and a different stage configuration. "The festival is expanding this year," Bailey said. "We're kicking it up a notch." *************************************** A QUOTE FROM A BEATLES WIFE "Trying To Get To You" by ELVIS was George Harrison's Favorite Song! Harrison's widow, Olivia was quoted on a interview with Ross Stevenson and John Burns on a Melbourne radio station ************************************** New Graceland Historical Exhibit Focuses on Elvis's Life In Memphis New Graceland Historical Exhibit Focuses on Elvis's Life In Memphis MEMPHIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)----Graceland: Vintage Black & White photos by famous Memphian photographer Don Newman help tell the story of where Elvis lived, worked,shopped & performed. Memphis Heritage involved with Exhibit and will benefit from special Calendar. Visitors to Graceland this year will be treated to an extraordinary new exhibit about Elvis's life in Memphis, featuring several mural-size Don Newman photographs taken in the late 30's, 40's, 50's and displayed with Elvis artifacts from the Graceland Archives. The "Elvis Presley's Memphis" exhibit is located in the Sincerely Elvis Museum in the visitor center complex across the street from Graceland Mansion. The exhibit, which will be in place for one year, explores Elvis Presley's ties to the city he loved and called home, and was mounted with the support of Memphis Heritage, a local historical organization. The new exhibit includes a downtown Goldsmith's department store display featuring a Newman photo of the Main Street landmark from the days when Elvis shopped at the city's finest store. Items in that display include a record cabinet, a phone lamp and a black circular chair with leopard print seat cushion - all purchased by Elvis at the downtown Goldsmith's - plus samples from Elvis's personal record collection. The exhibit follows the life of Elvis in Memphis through other displays such as The Claridge Hotel, Lansky Bros., Mid-South Coliseum, Lowenstein's and the Sears superstore on Cleveland. The Britling's Cafeteria display is dedicated to Elvis's mother Gladys, who once worked at the local restaurant, and offers a rare look at some of her personal effects and the Presley's 1953 tax return. The exhibit was made possible with the help of Memphis Heritage. The organization's annual fundraising Memphis Heritage calendar is sponsored entirely by Elvis Presley Enterprises, and is a unique 18-month edition featuring Newman photographs of Memphis as they relate to Elvis and the Memphis he knew. The content is supplemented by anecdotes and images of artifacts and documents from the Graceland Archives. The calendar is available on and in Graceland stores and elsewhere in the city. ************************************************ TIMELINE-********************************************** Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a CKX, Inc. Approved for Listing on Nasdaq National Market System Company Will Trade under Ticker 'CKXE' Effective March 1, 2005 NEW YORK, Feb. 28 -- Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a CKX, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SPEA) announced today that it has been approved for listing on the Nasdaq National Market System (NMS). The Company will begin trading on the NMS on March 1, 2005 under the ticker symbol "CKXE." To celebrate the occasion, Robert F.X. Sillerman, the company's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer will ring the opening bell that morning. "We are extremely excited to be listed on the Nasdaq National Market," aid Mr. Sillerman. "We believe this listing makes tremendous sense, as Nasdaq is home to some of the most creative and innovative companies in the world." The Company is engaged in the ownership, development and commercial utilization of entertainment content and plans to make strategic acquisitions of, or partner or align with, individuals or companies that control various forms of pre-existing content, whether or not such content has been fully developed or all revenue streams have been fully explored. The Company recently completed the acquisition of an 85% interest in entities which own the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley and own or have the right to use and benefit from assets and revenue streams associated with the Presley name and assets. The Company is presently conducting business under the name "CKX" and intends to seek shareholder approval to change its name to "CKX, Inc." ********************************************************************** ************************************************** ELVIS PRESLEY: On 70th Anniversary of His Birthday, King of Rock & Roll is More Popular Than Ever Box Set of U.S. #1 Singles and 2-CD 'Elvis By The Presleys' Soundtrack Coming from SONY BMG Elvis Presley is still a newsmaker in 2005. A spate of albums, reissued singles, TV specials, and newspaper articles testify to Presley's continuing popularity. The 70th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's Birthday (8th January, 1935) has seen massive recognition across the board. "Elvis irrevocably changed rock history with his voice, his guitar, and his hips. He's the true King of Rock and Roll and a whole new generation is discovering him in 2005," says Joe DiMuro, Executive Vice President and General Manager of SONY BMG Strategic Marketing Group, Presley's musical home. Both long-time Elvis fans and newcomers have plenty of new projects to enjoy. Here are some examples: - SONY BMG has embarked on the most ambitious singles release campaign in the history of the U.K. record industry. All 18 of Elvis Presley’s U.K. #1 singles are being reissued over 17 consecutive weeks, from January 3, 2005 and ending on April 25, 2005. Thus far in 2005, "Jailhouse Rock," "It's Now Or Never," and "One Night" have all catapulted to #1 on the singles chart; "One Night" was the 1000th #1 in the history of the U.K. chart. - SONY BMG Strategic Marketing Group has announced a box set of Elvis' U.S. #1 singles to be released this fall . Featuring signature hits such as "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," and "Love Me Tender," this collection promises to please both casual and devoted Elvis fans. The set will include original artwork in a stunning package. See bottom for Presley's U.S. #1s. ********************************************************************** Number One For U-2 U-2 are celebrating after their new single went straight to the top of the charts. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own claimed the number one spot ahead of Elvis Presley's re-release Wooden Heart. Elvis now has six of a planned 18 re-released hits occupying spots in the top 40. Are You Lonesome Tonight is at number 20, It's Now or Never at number 27, One Night/I Got Stung at 31, A Fool Such as I at 32 and Jailhouse Rock at 37. ************************************************** The most important and revealing book ever on Elvis Presley - by his wife and daughter Twenty seven years after his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the world's most beloved and iconic figures. There has been an impressive array of bestselling Elvis books over the years, but there has never been a book like this. Now, for the first time, Elvis, the man, husband father and artist, is remembered intimately and honestly by his ex wife Priscilla, daughter Lisa Marie and other close family members. Including deeply personal documents and previously unseen family photographs, this lavishly illustrated book will also feature new interviews with family and friends by celebrated Rolling Stone founder, David Dalton. From personal diary entries to unearthed artefacts, Elvis by the Presleys is set to become a publishing phenomenon and will come closer than any other book in revealing the private dreams and truths of the extraordinary and complex man, who became the king of Rock and Roll. ************************************************** In the movie "Easy Come, Easy Go" There were, as usual for an Elvis movie, a number of lovely actresses who had bit parts in this film. Among them was a very young Rita Wilson, who would go on to be a movie star and a film producer. She is married to actor Tom Hanks. Principal photography finished on April 8, 1966 and Elvis drove his new bus home to Memphis. The movie opened on November 23, 1966. Theaters sponsored "The Perfect American Male Essay Contest" as a way to promote the movie. It was a play on the character Diana St. Clair's book and the best essays won Elvis records as prizes. Radio stations received promos of the "Spinout" single and prerecorded open-ended interviews with Shelley Fabares, Deborah Walley and Dian McBain. The film was the 57th highest grossing film for the year. Elvis was the tenth highest paid actor in 1966. ************************************************* Listen to your BEST online radio station that brings you the best show on Elvis! Elvis Only ************************************************** ELVIS BY THE PRESLEYS, a new entertainment special that will feature a collection of new, intimate interviews with his former wife, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, and their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, will be broadcast Friday, May 13 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Exclusive never-before-seen television performances, photographs from the Presley Estate archives and Presley family home movies will be broadcast for the first time. CBS, SONY BMG, Crown Publishers and the Elvis Presley Estate unite in a multi-tiered effort to celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley with the television special, a mini-series, a commemorative two CD set and a lavish book all coming in the month of May. In the special, Priscilla and Lisa Marie speak with unguarded candor about their lives with the legendary Elvis Presley and offer an intimate look at their family and private life. Rare interviews with Elvis' first cousin, Patsy Presley Geranen, and Priscilla's parents, Ann and Paul Beaulieu, are also featured. Vintage, never-before-seen performance footage will be interwoven with photographs from the Presley Estate archives and press coverage of Elvis over the years. Private home movies of the Presley family illustrate and illuminate his story with vivid detail, honest insight and great warmth. Different aspects of Elvis' life, including his tours, his time in Hollywood and his home life, are depicted with the insight that only his family can bring. His career ups and downs, his kindness and generosity and his human frailties are all brought to light as well as a reflection on his place in entertainment history and his enduring legacy. Timed to the special, SONY BMG Strategic Marketing Group will release a two CD soundtrack collection in May. The soundtrack will include tracks from the special, Elvis' favorites and family picks by Priscilla and Lisa Marie as well as rare, previously unreleased cuts and outtakes. Crown Publishers, a division of Random House, Inc., will publish a book, also titled Elvis by the Presleys. Along with interviews with Priscilla and Lisa Marie, taken from the CBS special, the book will include a lavish collection of personal photos, memorabilia, handwritten notes, selections from scrapbooks and previously unseen shots of Graceland from the Elvis archives. It will be in stores on May 3. Also on CBS in May is ELVIS, the previously announced new four-hour mini-series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the title role which will be broadcast Sunday, May 8 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) and Wednesday, May 11 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). The fact-based drama, about the life of Elvis Presley, is being produced with the full cooperation and participation of the Elvis Presley Estate. His electrifying yet tumultuous story - from his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame - will be told and Presley's master recordings will be heard in a biographical film for the first time. ELVIS BY THE PRESLEYS is being produced by Red-Eye Flight Productions. David Saltz ("Elvis Lives"), Osmond Kilkenny ("Elvis Lives") and Susan Zirinsky ("48 Hours") are the executive producers. Scott Lochmus ("Venus & Vegas") is the producer; Elisabeth Harris ("Elvis Lives") is the coordinating producer. Rob Klug ("9/11") is the director. May 3; Book, "Elvis by the Presleys" (Crown) May 3; 2-CD, "Elvis by the Presleys" (SONY BMG) May 8; 4-hour mini-series, "ELVIS" (Pt.1) (CBS) May 11; 4-hour mini-series, "ELVIS" (Pt.2) (CBS) May 13; 2-hour TV Special; "Elvis by the Presleys" (CBS) ************************************************* ************************************************** Your Sunday January 16th 2005 British Update Elvis STILL KING with UK's 1000th number one By Jason Hopps LONDON, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Elvis Presley notched another musical milestone on Sunday when a re-release of his 1959 hit "One Night" became the 1000th song to top the British pop charts. The limited-edition re-issue quickly sold out across Britain and was fetching as much as 40 pounds ($74.81) a copy on auction Web sites such as eBay even before it hit number one. The growling, bluesy song became the 1000th chart topper more than 50 years after Al Martino crooned his way to number one with "Here In My Heart," the first song to top Britain's popular music charts. The "One Night" re-issue was Elvis's 20th British number one -- more than any other solo artist -- and came just a week after a re-release of his 1957 thumping classic"Jailhouse Rock" topped the UK chart. Elvis's record label is re-releasing 18 number ones in consecutive weeks, in time to cash in before the 50-year copyright protection on sound recordings in most European countries expires on his earlier hits. The KING of Rock and Roll's latest number one comes more than 27 years after his death. "He was the best and there'll never be anyone like him," said Sid Shaw, who has written several books on Elvis and runs an Elvis memorabilia shop in London. "He's as popular as he ever was, especially in Britain. There's something in his voice, his songs, his moves, you just CAN'T forget him," Shaw told Reuters. Welsh band Manic Street Preachers fell just shy of taking the 1000th number one from Elvis, entering at number two with "Empty Souls." ************************************************** Not-so-good news from Chicago. Estelle Brown (Sweet Inspirations) fell from her chair during a concert last week. She broke her arm, but felt strong enough to continue the show. By now, she’s home, resting and waiting until her arm is healed. Between 1969 and 1977 the Sweet Inspirations were the female backing vocal group of Elvis. Estelle nor Myrna Smith missed one show with Elvis. ************************************************** From EPE On Saturday, January 8th at 9:00 a.m., a special presentation took place on the grounds of the historic Graceland Mansion where Elvis Presley Enterprises was presented with an RIAA certified sales award commemorating the achievement. Originally released on Sam Phillips’ Sun Records in September 1954, sales documentation was recently uncovered that allowed SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, the parent company of the Elvis Presley catalog, to request a certification audit. Once completed, the Gold certification, representing 500,000 in domestic sales, was awarded cementing Presley’s grip as the artist with more certified singles than anyone in music history. Sir Elton John ranks a distant second, having sold more than 21 million singles over his four-decade career. In all, Presley has earned 53 Gold singles, 27 of which have been certified Platinum with seven being certified multi-Platinum. His best selling single remains “Hound Dog / Don’t Be Cruel.” In August 2002, the RIAA announced that Presley’s album sales had finally passed the previously elusive 100 million sales mark and his overall U.S. album sales total currently stands at more than 116 million, maintaining his place as the best selling solo artist in history. In addition to being the standard bearer for certified singles, Presley has received more Gold and Platinum records than any other artist with 97 Gold records, 55 of which have been certified Platinum, and 25 have gone on to multi-Platinum status. His highest certified album is Elvis' Christmas Album that has been certified for the sale of more than nine million copies. The firm of Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman audit all certification requests for the RIAA's Gold and Platinum award program. ************************************************* Following is a statement issued by Sony/BMG (RCA Records label) for the awards presentation at Graceland: Today is an incredibly exciting day for all of us as we celebrate with our partners at EPE and Elvis fans around the world another successful milestone. We are proud to announce that, "Good Rockin Tonight," recorded at historic Sun Studio 50 years ago, has been certified Gold by the RIAA. As you may remember, his first single "That's All Right" was certified gold last July. We proudly present this plaque to Elvis Presley Enterprises to commemorate one more sales milestone. Expect many more to come in 2005. As a result of this certification, Elvis Presley surpasses 50 million in US singles sales and is therefore placed in history as the artist with more certified singles than anyone in music history. On Behalf of BMG, we sincerely Thank YOU all so much for making all this possible! Look forward to many more certifications over the course of the year. ************************************************** January 10, 2005- Thanks to all of you locally that sent emails asking about the Elvis Birthday bash put on by our local "oldies" station. Sorry to say I did not attend it-Iam still recovering from a long-standing upper respritory infection. Its a good thing that the event sold out! Park Ponderosa holds about 615 people so, to answer your questions, take that number multiply it by $25.00 and there you have the amt. that was raised. Subtract about 1,000.00 for their expenses, which shouldnt be much since most services are usually donated. You can always call them to find out how much they are donating from that event and how much their expenditures are. ************************************************** VIST NY'S TRIBUTE TO THE 1 & ONLY KING OF ROCK-N-ROLL! ************************************************** ELVIS FANS! To reach out & help with the victims of the Tsunami disaster please visit this website today & donate what you can~Presidents maybe we can all send 100.00 ?? ************************************************** The following is from: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was arrested yesterday (01.06.05) after he was accused of beating up his teenage girlfriend. However, the 27-year-old actor, who also plays Cassander in the new Colin Farrell epic, 'Alexander', later made a counter allegation that 18-year-old Reena Hammer had assaulted him. The warring couple were both questioned at a London police station before being released on bail. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "This is a case of claim and counter-claim. Both parties have accused each other of actual bodily harm." Rhys-Meyers, who attended the star-studded premiere of 'Alexander' on Wednesday night (05.01.05), was also suspected of possessing a class C drug, after it was found during a search of his flat. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "The woman arrested over these allegations has been bailed to return to a London police station in January pending inquiries."The man arrested has been bailed until April." Rhys-Meyers recently landed the role of Elvis Presley in an American series about The King. He was chosen for his "uncanny" resemblance to teh legendary singer. From The Commercial Appeal: What if his beat went on? As Elvis celebrates 70, how might his career have continued? January 8, 2005 The KING OF ROCK & ROLL moved easily from "Hound Dog" to "How Great Thou Art," and, had he been resuscitated in 1977, a newly health-conscious Elvis likely would have moved closer to his gospel roots. That's the one major consensus among a sampling of musicians and friends of Elvis. What if Elvis had lived? He would have been 70 today. We asked people from Memphis Mafia members to superstar singers to the entertainment magnate who recently bought the bulk of Elvis's estate what a septuagenarian King would be doing. Elvis's brush with death would have steered him to clean living, said Robert F. X. Sillerman, head of CKX, the New York company that last month acquired an 85 percent interest in Elvis Presley Enterprises. "Knowing his interest in the martial arts, I don't think there's any question that he would have turned to a health regimen. I think he would have become the poster boy for fitness," says Sillerman. He would need the energy, says Sillerman, envisioning Elvis as a "heritage artist," like Mick Jagger, Simon and Garfunkel and the Eagles, who could still draw huge crowds for occasional performances. "If he were still interested in performing he would be the only one around the country who could consistently sell out stadiums." Sillerman sees Elvis's love of gospel music -- the music that won his only Grammy awards -- as likely "accentuated by his journey into a healthy life . . . But I don't think that would mean that he wouldn't continue to perform traditional rock and roll." In fact, Elvis would have been a "lightning rod" for music creators and producers, helping keep rock alive for the fans, young and old, who still leave standing room only for major rock acts. Sillerman said Simon and Garfunkel, who drew more than a half million fans to a concert in Rome last year, help prove there is a huge audience of fans, young and old, with "a desire to immerse themselves in this kind of music." Whatever Elvis sang, it would have been "melodic and powerful music that would not have been influenced by rap and hip hop," Sillerman suggests. Soul superstar Isaac Hayes, who shared the top of the charts with Elvis in the 70s, says he didn't get to know Elvis, but, like Sillerman, he doesn't see Elvis emulating the hip hop music styles of the 21st Century. "How many rock and rollers do you see doing rap or hip hop? Do you see Jerry Lee Lewis doing it? Willie Nelson? Elvis was a good ol' boy, a Southern dude. I don't see him doing hip hop. He was influenced by black music, but black music of a different kind." Hayes also sees Elvis returning to the movies and "getting more serious in his acting." Petula Clark, the British singer who shared the record charts with Elvis in the mid-60s, also sees Elvis as a "serious actor. He was never given the opportunity to star in a serious movie. I think he would probably have been a very good actor, like Sinatra if you like. He was very charismatic on the screen. In a way I liked him better on the screen because you could get closer to him." Clark says the British invasion, including herself and the Beatles, owed a major debt to Elvis and the rock revolution he helped create. Clark says she and the Beatles had listened to Elvis in the beginning and "assimilated" his music the way Elvis had assimilated gospel, the blues and rhythm and blues into rock and roll. "The Beatles sort of digested all of this American music which we had been hearing for all of these years and regurgitated it so that it sounded different. It came out with a more Liverpool accent. The Beatles put some real lyrics to it and some real music, and George Martin produced these records as if they were little masterpieces. The Beatles opened up the gates for the rest of us to get through." Still, Clark says no one "shoved Elvis off his throne. He was the King everywhere, and he would have remained the King." Clark says she appeared in a touring production of "Sunset Boulevard" five years ago. During its Memphis run, she visited Beale Street every night and was persuaded to sing. "I got up and sang 'Hound Dog,' and I had never sung 'Hound Dog' in my life. It was incredible. It was just incredible. I felt like Elvis was right there with me." Another musician, former Box Tops drummer Thomas Boggs, who felt the fame of a hit song ("The Letter" in 1967) says Elvis's downfall was partly due to isolation. "They didn't know what to do with a star like that." Boggs, who later founded the restaurant chain Huey's, says Elvis "would still be the King," but he would have become more involved in gospel music and would have ventured into the business world, including a restaurant chain. Knox Phillips, son of Elvis's first record producer, Sam Phillips, agrees that gospel music would have been Elvis's true calling late in life. "He would have put his heart and soul into gospel. It would have made him much happier. I think he would have influenced a lot of people, and he would have been out of the rat race of trying to compete with the latest rap or hip hop artists." Former University of Memphis communications professor John Bakke, who staged the first scholarly conference on Elvis in 1979, sees Elvis so immersed in gospel music that he "would probably have a cable TV show, probably broadcasting from Mud Island. I think he would be heir apparent to Jerry Falwell's old-time gospel hour, and he would have a tremendous audience. I don't see him as a preacher, but he had a deep reverence for religious tradition, especially in song." Bakke says Elvis likely would have given up on the movies. "I just don't think that's where his heart was." Instead, he might have gotten into the business world, likely buying an interest in the Memphis Grizzlies. Two of Elvis's closest friends, Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling and disk jockey George Klein, also see Elvis as a businessman late in life. Both say Elvis wanted to form his own production company, producing films and record acts. Both say Elvis would have continued his singing career, finally touring Europe, which his manager, Col. Tom Parker, never allowed him to do. And he would have atoned for his formulaic movie career by starring in and possibly producing his own films. If not heavy drama, Elvis might have been in an action series like Dean Martin in the Matt Helm detective series, says Schilling. Both say Elvis would have kept Graceland as long as he lived, but Klein says he might have turned it into a museum by now and sought more privacy by moving east "out past Collierville." From there, he would have overseen a business empire that would have included at least one Elvis Presley Casino in Tunica and probably others in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, says Klein. And, no, there would be no rap or hip hop music in his repertoire. "I guarantee you that wouldn't have happened," says Schilling. "He wasn't into hard rock either." ************************************************** REMEMBER HIM ALL WEEKEND ON TV!! ************************************************** Elvis's Legacy of Generosity Elvis's Legacy of Generosity - He Gave of Himself As the January 8th Anniversary of the Birth of Elvis Presley approaches, we think back on the legacy of giving he left behind. There is much documentation of his generous donations to the many charities and organizations that he helped over the years. However, what many may not know is that there are hundreds of stories of his quiet gestures of reaching out to those he saw hurting and in need, without the fanfare of the media or ever expecting more than a smile in return. We share a few of those stories here. In 1960, Rusty was a five-year-old who was hospitalized and suffering from polio when he met Elvis, who, having broken his finger playing football, waited his turn to see the doctor at a Memphis clinic. In the waiting room Elvis became acquainted with Rusty's family and paid a visit to Rusty's room to cheer him up. Later, he sent a personal note to Rusty reporting on the progress of his broken finger and wishing the youngster well. Rusty died as a teenager, but his mother still cherishes the letter and the memory of the time Elvis took to spend with her son. Tony was ten years old and receiving cancer treatments in Memphis, having to travel back and forth to his home in Florida, when Elvis heard about him. Elvis mailed him letters and pictures, but what Tony's mother remembers about the days before her son lost his battle with the disease were the phone calls he received from Elvis and how they brightened his day. There was also the little Indian girl whose family was in a car accident on the way to Elvis's Russwood Park concert in Memphis. Elvis visited her in the hospital and gave her the encouragement she needed to get well. There is the story of Karen, the little girl with cerebral palsy who became a fan through her nurse, Lena Canada. Karen and Elvis were pen pals until her death at the age of ten in 1963. Ms. Canada was moved to write a book about Karen and Elvis's friendship. The book inspired the 1980 movie "Touched By Love" in which actress Diane Lane played Karen and Deborah Raffin played Lena. Two penniless girls, Elvis fans from England who were in the USA, had a family crisis when their father died unexpectedly. Elvis heard about the tragedy and quietly arranged for the funeral and transportation to England and back. Later, when they attempted to make a payment on the debt to Elvis, he was overcome with emotion saying that no one had ever tried to pay him back and refused their money, telling them the attempt was more than enough. Today, many people from around the world from all walks of life can tell a story of how, in some way on some day of depression or pain, Elvis Presley was able to lift them up and to ease their need, whether it be through his recordings or films or seeing him in concert, from meeting him or from receiving financial assistance. Today his legacy of compassion continues to touch others. Those he helped have been inspired to help others. Those who have heard of his generosity of spirit have also been inspired. Elvis fan clubs around the world regularly raise money for those in need. And there's the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation: Thanks To EPE for this contribution! ************************************************** Elvis Promotionals Just For Us-In time for Valentines Day! The much waited on CD "Love, Elvis" will be promoted with e-mail blasts, on-line banner campaigns, radio promotion, and give-a-ways. ************************************************* Elvis' 70th anniversary will be used to promote several new and re-releases. BMG hopes these products will appeal to both the core fan base and the casual Elvis fan. All releases are promoted as re-mastered releases in optimum sound quality and new mid-prices. The re-release of his first three albums "Elvis Presley", Elvis" and "Loving You" are also promoted with bonus tracks (the same as on the previous re-releases) and restoring of the original LP running order. ************************************************* U.S. Billboard Elvis Chart listings for the week ending January 8, 2005: Comprehensive Albums - Elvis 30 #1's down 12 to #192 Top Pop Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1's up 7 to #26 Top Country Albums - Ultimate Gospel down 6 to #58 Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1's up 1 to #5 Top Christian Albums - Ultimate Gospel down 1 to #28 Top Holiday Albums - It's Christmas Time down 5 to #28 Hot 100 Singles Sales - That's All Right up 9 to #38 Hot 100 Singles Recurrent - Blue Christmas up 4 to #19 Adult Contemp. Recurrent - Blue Christmas up 4 to #13 Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay - Blue Christmas up 4 to #19 Hot Dance Singles Sales - Rubberneckin' up 5 to #20 Going off the charts this week: Comprehensive Albums - It's Christmas Time--#168 last week Top Country Catalog Albums - Christmas Peace--was #23 last week Top Pop Catalog Albums - It's Christmas Time--#25 last week ************************************************** View the following link for a fantastic trailer featuring "HIM" ************************************************** Elvis Performer Invites Las Vegas Entertainers to Bring Gifts to Children After Christmas LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)---- -- Trent Carlini, considered to be the No. 1 Elvis performer in the world, brings songs and gifts to children hospitalized at Sunrise Children's Hospital Las Vegas' very own Trent Carlini, considered to be the world's best Elvis performer, invites Las Vegas entertainers to bring gifts to children in need after the holidays. Asked why colleagues in the entertainment industry should bring gifts to children after the holidays, Carlini stated, "It's very natural for people, especially entertainers, who have been blessed with success to want to give during the holidays, but I have found that not only is it exciting to give Christmas gifts to kids during Christmas, it can also be just as exciting to give gifts to needy kids after the holidays. Especially, when it's the children who are hospitalized and away from their homes and families. The excitement doesn't have to end on Christmas Day. "In addition to giving to needy children before Christmas, we have also made a commitment to give gifts after the holidays. And, we are pleased to announce that every child hospitalized at Sunrise Children's Hospital will be receiving a gift and a few songs from my team and me. Interestingly, we have learned that along with the popular Christmas song, 'Blue Christmas,' 'Hound Dog' and 'Jailhouse Rock' seem to be their favorites. Can you imagine toddlers, kids and teens knowing Elvis music? Elvis is not only a great singing sensation from the past; he is also a future for generations to come. And, we are encouraging my fellow entertainers in Las Vegas and around the world to visit your local hospitals, orphanages, community refuge harbors and even your local senior citizen centers to see why giving before and after the holidays can be the greatest Christmas gift of all." Sue Collin Waltermeyer, a child life specialist at Sunrise Children's Hospital, responsible for the coordination of children's programs for the kids at Sunrise, added, "Trent is absolutely correct when he states that giving to kids who are in a dire situation like the children who are hospitalized at Sunrise will truly appreciate a gift after the holidays, especially, when they are without their parents, guardians, siblings and friends. To Trent, we say thank you for your love and presents!" Asked why Carlini does these kind gestures, he replied, "My band and I had a great run this year at the Las Vegas Hilton International where the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself performed his biggest concerts including his famous '68 comeback television special; and, because we had literally thousands of people from Las Vegas and from around the world who came to support us, every year, we show our great appreciation by donating gifts to children who are in need, and we do this on our audiences' behalf." Joe Esposito, Elvis Presley's personal right-hand man and also a friend of Carlini, added, "Trent is not only a great performer with an uncanny resemblance to Elvis in many ways, Trent, just like Elvis, is also a great humanitarian. For those who are privileged to meet Trent and the giver that he is, let me emphasize that he will touch your heart. Trent is just that beautiful of a man." For further information on Trent Carlini, please contact Alex Nicole at 702-263-3629 or via e-mail at For further information on Sunrise Children's Hospital, please contact Sue Collin Waltermeyer at 702-731-8000. Sunrise Children's Hospital (Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center) is located at 3186 S. Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas. Date/Time of Event: Wednesday, 11 a.m., Dec. 29, 2004 ************************************************** ************************************************** EPE NEWS UPDATE ELVIS, a new four-hour mini-series will start production in New Orleans in January 2005, for broadcast on the CBS Television Network. The fact-based drama is about the life of Elvis Presley, one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived. With the full cooperation and participation of the Elvis Presley Estate, his electrifying yet tumultuous story -- from his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame -- will be told. Presley's master recordings will be heard in a biographical film for the first time. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ("Bend it Like Beckham") stars as Elvis Presley; Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Camryn Manheim ("The Practice") stars as Gladys Presley; Golden Globe Award winner Randy Quaid ("LBJ: The Early Years") stars as "Colonel" Tom Parker, and Rose McGowan ("Charmed") stars as Ann-Margret. Elvis Presley's dynamic life story begins in Tupleo, Miss., where he was born into poverty to Vernon and Gladys Presley. His looks, talent and moves helped to make him the universally proclaimed King of Rock 'n' Roll by the age of 21. With a sneer on his lips and a swivel in his hips, he burst on the scene with a unique style that provided a catalyst for a revolution in music and popular culture unequaled by any other performer. His life was shaped by the people closest to him, including his father; his over-protective mother, whom he adored, and his domineering manager, "Colonel" Tom Parker. Although Presley was a sex symbol who made legions of women swoon, his personal liaisons, including his relationships with the actress Ann-Margret and his young bride Priscilla, were troubled. Known the world over by his first name, he is regarded as one of the most important figures of the twentieth century. Presley died at the age of 42 at his Memphis home, Graceland, on Aug. 16, 1977. Investor buys rights, hopes to sight Elvis on Wall St. By David Lieberman, USA TODAY. ************************************************** NEW YORK — Elvis Presley has left the building — and headed to Wall Street with some help from radio and concert entrepreneur Robert F.X. Sillerman. In Jailhouse Rock, Elvis Presley plays a convict who becomes a rock star. AP That means Elvis fans could soon be able to invest in The King. Sillerman unveiled an unusual two-part business deal Thursday that will give investors an opportunity to gamble on his ability to find new markets for all things Elvis. It's predicated on the belief that the world is "under-Elvised," as he puts it. "Even in the U.S., the only way to get in contact with the Elvis experience is at Graceland," The King's estate in Memphis which attracted 650,000 visitors last year, he says. "If you go to Las Vegas, you can't find authorized Elvis memorabilia." He expects to find more opportunities overseas: "Would a tour of Elvis jumpsuits, guitars and memorabilia be interesting to people in Japan? I'll bet it is." And bet he has: He'll pay $100 million, about half in cash, for an 85% interest in most of Elvis' assets. Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, will control the other 15%. The assets include revenue from the use of her father's name and image, the tour operation at Graceland, publishing rights to songs such as Love Me Tender and All Shook Up, and other payments for his music, films and TV specials. The Elvis business generated $12 million in operating profit on nearly $45 million in revenue in 2003, and $9.4 million in profit on about $38 million in revenue for the first nine months of 2004. Sillerman plans to fold his Presley holdings into Sports Entertainment Enterprises, a publicly traded company that currently has no operating assets. He expects to pay about $3.5 million for 94% of that firm's stock and rename it CKX. Lisa Marie Presley can join the board or name a director. "I hope she decides to sit on the board," Sillerman says. "She's one smart lady, and it would be great to have an active artist." Sillerman hopes for similar deals with other performers who believe he can squeeze more revenue from their fame. "We believe the value of all good entertainment offerings will increase in the future" as new technologies such as video on demand let consumers tap into whatever they want, whenever they want, he says. Sillerman made his name in media at radio station company SFX Broadcasting. He sold that in 1998 after he launched SFX Entertainment, which became the No. 1 promoter of live concerts. He sold the promoter business to Clear Channel Communications in 2000. ************************************************* A Personal Message To You from Lisa Marie Presley 12/16/2004 Hello and Happy Holidays! I would like to further clarify and ease any weary minds (If there are any about the recent business announcement). First off, companies merge all the time and while it is true that EPE has been successfully holding its own for 25 years, myself, my mother and the board came to realize that in order to take the business to a whole different level, merging with another provenly successful team would accomplish that. The search for the right person has been going on for years, none of us at EPE would have done this if it weren't in the best interest of my father and his legacy. No stone was left unturned in making sure that business will be run as it historically has been, with integrity, always preserving and protecting my father. The executives, my mother and myself remain very active in the operations of Graceland and its entities. What is and has been done will remain, and merging with Bob Sillerman and his team simply gives us new opportunities that we didn't have before. Business-wise any company can always grow, what is predominately sacred and can never be touched is Graceland itself and its contents and artifacts and that is and remains mine and my family's forever. Frankly, we are all united and excited about this and I send my best wishes to you and yours for the holidays. Much love, LMP ************************************************** Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. Announces Transaction with Robert F.X. Sillerman and Elvis Presley Estate NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)---- -- Sillerman Will Obtain Majority Control of Company Simultaneous with an Acquisition of an 85% Stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises and Related Assets Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. (OTC BB:SPEA.OB) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement with two entities controlled by Lisa Marie Presley and RFX Acquisition LLC (RFX), a company formed and controlled by Robert F.X. Sillerman, in which RFX will acquire a controlling interest in SPEA simultaneous with and conditioned upon SPEA's acquisition of a controlling interest in entities which control the commercial utilization of the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley, the operation of Graceland and the surrounding properties, as well as revenue derived from Elvis' music, films and television specials. As part of the transaction, RFX will contribute $3.43 million to SPEA in exchange for 34,320,124 newly issued shares of SPEA common stock. In addition to the shares received from the company, RFX will receive warrants to purchase 8,689,599 shares of the common stock at $1.00 per share, warrants to purchase 8,689,599 shares of common stock at $1.50 per share, and warrants to purchase 8,689,599 shares of common stock at $2.00 per share. Simultaneous with this exchange, RFX will also acquire an aggregate of 2,240,397 shares of the company's common stock directly from certain principal stockholders of the company at a price of $0.10 per share. Upon consummation of these transactions, RFX and its affiliates including Mr. Sillerman will own approximately 94 percent of the outstanding common stock of the Company, and assuming exercise of the warrants, will own approximately 96 percent of the then outstanding common stock of the company. Simultaneous with RFX's contribution, Ms. Presley will contribute 85 percent of the outstanding equity interests of the two entities that own the assets of and control the Presley businesses in exchange for total consideration of approximately $100 million, consisting of approximately $53 million in cash, approximately $22 million in Preferred Stock of SPEA, 500,000 shares of SPEA common stock and the assumption or extinguishment of approximately $25 million of outstanding indebtedness. Ms. Presley will retain a 15 percent interest in the two Presley entities, which will operate as 85 percent-controlled subsidiaries of the company. Though RFX has made a deposit of $5 million, to be credited towards the purchase price when the closing occurs, the closing of the transaction remains subject to a number of significant conditions, including a three year audit of the combined operations of the Presley entities which is currently being conducted by Deloitte & Touche LLP. In addition, RFX and the Presley entities have the right, under certain limited circumstances, to require SPEA to assign its rights under the proposed transaction to another inactive publicly traded company. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that the transactions will be consummated or, if consummated, that SPEA will be a participant. Approval of SPEA's shareholders will not be required to consummate the transactions. Though the transaction does not have a financing condition, RFX Acquisition may seek equity or debt financing on behalf of SPEA to fund the cash portion of the Presley purchase price. If financing is not available on terms that RFX deems reasonable, RFX and its principals will consider providing additional debt and equity capital to the company. Any financing may result in additional dilution to SPEA's stockholders. On a combined and unaudited basis, the "Elvis" businesses had total revenue of $44.9 million for the twelve months ended December 31, 2003 and $37.9 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2004. Net operating income, before depreciation and amortization, for those periods was $12.0 million and $9.4 million, respectively. Mr. Sillerman, the founding and controlling member of RFX, was the founder, a major shareholder and served as Executive Chairman of SFX Entertainment from its inception in 1997 until its sale to Clear Channel Communications in August 2000. SFX Entertainment was the largest presenter, promoter and producer of live entertainment in the world. Prior to that, Mr. Sillerman was a founder, major shareholder and served as Executive Chairman of SFX Broadcasting, Inc., a major owner and operator of radio stations, from its inception in 1992 through its sale in 1998 to an affiliate of buyout firm Hicks, Muse Tate & Furst. Mr. Sillerman is also a founder and the controlling member of MJX Asset Management LLC, a company engaged in the management of, and investment in, collateralized debt obligation funds. MJX Asset Management currently has approximately $1.5 billion under management. If and when the transaction is consummated and upon compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, it is anticipated that Mr. Sillerman and his designees, will assume control of the company's Board of Directors. Following completion of the transaction, Mr. Sillerman will have sufficient voting control to elect the Board of Directors, although at least 50 percent of the Directors will be unaffiliated with Mr. Sillerman and meet the standard for "independence" as defined by the major stock exchanges. In connection with her receipt of the Preferred Stock, Ms. Presley will have the right to either serve as a director of the company or to designate an individual to serve on her behalf. In accordance with Rule 14(f) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, a Schedule 14F will be mailed to SPEA's stockholders prior to effectuation of the change of control. It is contemplated that following the closing, the current executive officers of SPEA will resign. It is anticipated that Deloitte & Touche will be appointed auditors for the company following the transaction. Mr. Sillerman has agreed that, following completion of the transaction and subject to certain minor conditions and exceptions, he and certain of his affiliates will conduct all of their active media and entertainment-related activities through the Company. Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. is representing Mr. Sillerman in the transaction and Ms. Presley is being represented by Provident Financial Management and The Salter Group. SPEA disposed of all of its operating businesses in the second and third quarters of 2002. As a result, the company now has no business operations and only minimal assets and liabilities. SPEA's primary objective is to seek out and pursue a transaction with a business enterprise that might have a desire to take advantage of the company's status as a public corporation. If the transactions described herein are not consummated, there is no assurance that SPEA will acquire a favorable business opportunity through such a transaction. ************************************************** Randy Quaid will portray The Colonel in CBS' upcoming "Elvis" minseries. Quaid is the first major actor to join the cast of the four-hour project, which will be the first TV pic to use master recordings of some of Elvis Presley's biggest hits. Cigar-chomping Parker, who was Presley's longtime (and oft-controversial) manager, died in 1997, having helped guide the King of rock 'n' roll to massive success. Production is set to begin next month on the mini-series with additional casting announcements expected in the next few weeks. Rose McGowan To Play Ann-Margret contrary to what you may have heard, it takes a hot lady to warm up any hunka hunka burning love. Rose McGowan is close to signing on to CBS' "Elvis" biopic, playing Ann-Margret, one of several women to stir things up with the King of Rock 'n' Roll. McGowan, who plays Paige Matthews on The WB's "Charmed," also has a history of dating rock stars, including a mult-year engagement to Brian Warner, often known as Marilyn Manson. Other credits for the actress range from the features "Scream" and "Jawbreaker" to the Pauly Shore classics "Encino Man" and "Bio-Dome. ************************************************** Bob Dylan is interviewed for US television. HE spoke for a generation when he sang "The times they are a-changin" in 1964 and it all came true. But Bob Dylan says he's no prophet and is more comfortable with the idea of being like Elvis Presley. In his first television interview in 19 years, he says grandiose comparisons make him uncomfortable. The folk-rock legend, 63, says the hero worship of the '60s generation often leaves him feeling like an imposter. "It was like being in an Edgar Allen Poe story and you're just not that person everybody thinks you are, though they call you that all the time," he says, according to advance extracts from an interview to be broadcast tomorrow on the CBS network in the US. " 'You're the prophet. You're the saviour.' I never wanted to be a prophet or a saviour," he said. "Elvis maybe. I could see myself becoming him. But prophet? No. "Much of Dylan's discomfort comes from the mystique fans attach to his personality and his work. "My stuff . . (they) were songs. They weren't sermons," he said. "If you examine the songs I don't believe you're going to find anything in there that says that I'm a spokesman for anybody or anything really." The interview came just weeks after the 1965 Dylan classic Like a Rolling Stone was voted the greatest song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. Elvis recorded A few songs by Bob Dylan: "Blowin' in the Wind", Don't Think Twice It's All Right", "I Shall Be Released" and " Tomorrow Is a Long Time". ************************************************** Enough of EPE Business~~A special Elvis story~~ Throughout the years that Elvis lived at Graceland the front gate area was a place fans enjoyed being. There was the chance that he might drive through in one of his cars or on a motorcycle, or ride down on a golf cart or on horseback and have an impromptu autograph session. They could also watch him and his friends ride their horses and golf carts around the grounds. Even when Elvis out of town, it was fun to be at the gates, getting to know the guards (some of whom were Elvis’ relatives) and meeting other fans from around the nation and the world. When Elvis was away, sometimes the guards would let fans onto the grounds for photos, sometimes even driving them up to the front of the house. There was a sense of warmth, welcome and camaraderie. Actually, some lifelong friendships between Elvis fans began at the Graceland gates. While, in general, things tended to be calm enough around here, it wasn’t all that uncommon for fans and curiosity-seekers to climb over the stone wall or wood fence on a dare or, more often, with the heartfelt hope of seeing Elvis. The security staff had more than one occasion to politely escort uninvited guests off the grounds, sometimes having to summon them down from the trees. On one occasion Elvis happened upon a couple of mischievous young guys who had jumped the fence and were taking a swim. Elvis is said to have nonchalantly suggested that they be careful, then went on about his business. Once, an enterprising fellow actually made his way into the house and was found sitting in the den waiting for Elvis, hoping to interest him in some songs he had written, but he didn’t get to have that meeting.The most famous incident of wall jumping occurred one night in 1976. Bruce Springsteen, who was enjoying the first rush of great fame and had just played Memphis on his Born to Run tour, decided to catch a cab to Graceland. Noticing a light on up at the house, he climbed the wall and ran to the front door. As he was about to knock, Security interceded. He recalls asking, “Is Elvis home?.” Answer: “No, Elvis isn’t home, he’s in Lake Tahoe.” (It was true.) Springsteen attempted to impress the guards by telling all about his being a recording star and his having recently made the covers of Time and Newsweek, as he was politely escorted to the street. (Perhaps they didn’t believe him or hadn’t heard of him yet.) Years later in a concert, he told the story and commented: "Later on, I used to wonder what I would have said if I had knocked on the door and if Elvis had come to the door. Because it really wasn’t Elvis I was goin’ to see, but it was like he came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear and somehow we all dreamed it. And maybe that’s why we’re here tonight, I don’t know. I remember later when a friend of mine called to tell me that he’d died. It was so hard to understand how somebody whose music came in and took away so many people’s loneliness and gave so many people a reason and a sense of all the possibilities of living could have in the end died so tragically. And I guess when you’re alone, you ain’t nothin’ but alone. So anyway, I’d like to do this song for yous tonight, wishing you all the longest life with best of absolutely everything."Within hours of the announcement of Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977, thousands of fans crowded the gate and wall area in front of Graceland, an expression of grief, shock and disbelief. How could he possibly be gone? Thousands upon thousands of people all over the world felt as though they had suddenly lost a close friend or member of the family. Such was the relationship Elvis had with his audience. Stopping by the gates to take a look and to visit with the guards and with fellow fans, continued to be a special pastime. On the first anniversary of Elvis’ death a number of fans gathered outside the gates, lit candles and spent an evening talking and reminiscing. The next year there were more. The Austin-based Elvis Country Fan Club soon organized a ceremony. Each year, more and more fans were coming to Memphis that week for the candlelight tribute and various other activities started getting organized. When Graceland opened to the public in the summer of 1982, fans suggested to Graceland/EPE management that the gates could open during their candlelight tribute, allowing them to walk single-file up the driveway to Elvis’ gravesite and back down. The management agreed. Then, responding further to the growing influx of fans in August, Graceland/EPE took the lead in organizing Elvis Week, which has grown in its diversity of events. Elvis Week as a whole and the vigil in particular have become a cultural and sociological phenomenon known all over the world. ************************************************* Our club has been together since August 14th, 1994. Since that time we have held several fund-raisers locally. Our benefactors have consisted of The U.W. Children's Hospital, The U.W. Child - Life Center, The U.W. Leukemia Center which a special account was developed by Prof. Paul Sondel for special patient and family access to be used for their special wants and/or needs during their stay. We have also made donations to our local Ronald McDonald House in the monetary form and in making their wish list not a dream but a reality. On August 14th 1998 we held a fund - raiser for our local Muscular Dystrophy Assn. We were able to contribute a total of $703.00 to their cause. $113.00 dollars of this was raised by a jail and bail we did jailing no - less jailing our DJ M.C. that night. To him we say THANKS! We also had some Beanie Baby vendors come in and make a dontaion to Muscular Dystrophy at the end of the night. It was a fun night. We also did a fund - raiser for The Elvis Presley Trauma Center in which $1000.00 was raised. We are focusing now on 1999 and the up-coming events both locally and in Memphis. Our club consists of approximately 26 members locally and one in New York. We would like to welcome three new members that joined last year, Carrie, Sara, .On January 8th 1999, we attended the wolx Elvis Birthday Bash. With the sale of specially licensed Rosebowl T-Shirts we sent a check to The Ronald McDonald House for $50.00 from the sale of the shirts. We also are set for August 6th, 1999 which is the date for our fund-raiser for Muscular Dystrophy. As for some of our clubs "personal goals" we have recieved our 1st plaque from The Elvis Presley Trauma Center in which we donated $1000.00 to The Med-Center. We also have a cement tile in the Monona Terrace Convention Center Here locally, so Elvis's name is forever embedded in the rooftop garden there!

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The Elvis Connection's Fav. Links

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